Porada App Platform Major update v1.3


Hey Guys! Today, we had a big update for our platform; we fixed a lot of bugs and made some design changes, which you asked us to do as part of platform updates. We want to show you that we value your opinion and make the platform better based on your feedback!

So the key featured updates are connected to the search itself, we change how services looks like to give more understanding that Person-to-Person and Person-to-Business is have 2 different prices and they separate right now.

Besides this, we implement a Google Calendar sync, which you guys ask us to implement a lot! We still have some verification issues from the G Side, but they should be resolved in a couple of days.

Finally, you can see sorting options in a search. Wait, and one more major thing: We Crop our search results to show only category-based results, meaning you will not see people from Marketing if you are looking for Development. Note: Subcategories will still be visible as before.

There were our major updates, but all list you can see here:

1. **Notification System Enhancements**
  - Add/Receive a Notification on comment events.

2. **System Performance Improvements**
  - Improve the caching system.

3. **Booking and Scheduling Adjustments**
  - Address issues with booking timeslots having problems with the UTC (minus) time zone.
  - Fix timeslots to change automatic timezone due to daylight saving adjustments.

4. **User Interface and Experience**
  - Follow notification updates on the frontend.
  - Implement haptic feedback for enhanced user interaction.
  - Create a mention feature inside a feedback for user mentions.
  - Implement a Restore password page.
  - Fix the start time of GetStream token creation.
  - Change the no data icon for better clarity.
  - Show "platform not adapted to mobile" message when the user resizes to mobile.
  - Fix scale factor for different platforms.

5. **Development and Debugging**
  - Recheck implementation to reuse OutlineButton.
  - Split `user` object to eject some user data to another API routes.
  - Conduct an investigation on how to realize recording short videos and sending them to the backend.
  - Investigate and fix issues with Mozilla Firefox not loading the application.
  - Address discrepancies between design and implementation on the Development environment in Restore password functionality.

6. **Search and User Profile Features**
  - Use skills as an optional parameter by default in search.
  - Address the unavailability of user reviews in profiles.
  - Fix ProfileFillPercent to accurately reflect profile completion.
  - Address the issue where users can't verify accounts.
  - Fix timeAgo calculations for accurate time representation.

7. **Video and Media Handling**
  - Investigate and implement video recording features.

8. **Security and Accessibility**
  - Handle system chat notifications for improved communication security.
  - Fix Google Recaptcha on Production environments.
  - Ensure token updates for session continuity.

9. **Booking and Meeting Management**
  - Create a detailed view of user booking for better management and overview.
  - Add new meeting status for clearer scheduling and organization.
  - Address the issue after confirming booking, the time in Notification which shows how much is left to confirm the booking continues to run.

10. **Miscellaneous Fixes and Enhancements**
   - Address pre-release bugs for smoother launches.
   - Implement a system to automatically update a cache depending on the new version for efficient data handling.
   - Address the issue where users can't navigate to their profile page after certain actions.
   - Fix various development-testing bugs for a more stable build.
   - Implement Add/Edit User education features for comprehensive user profiles.
   - Address payment display issues on the development environment.
   - Investigate and address issues with Google feature flags for better feature management.

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