Building Relationships with Industry Restaurant Critics

Building Relationships with Industry Restaurant Critics

As a restaurant owner, building relationships with industry restaurant critics is crucial to your restaurant's success. These critics have the power to make or break your restaurant's reputation, and cultivating a positive relationship with them can lead to positive reviews, increased exposure, and ultimately, more business.

Chapter 1: Research

The first step in building relationships with restaurant critics is to do your research. Find out who the major players are in your industry and what they write about. Read their reviews and get a sense of their writing style and preferences. This will help you tailor your approach when reaching out to them.

Chapter 2: Invite them to your restaurant

Once you've done your research, the next step is to invite the critics to your restaurant. This can be done through a formal invitation or a simple email. Make sure to highlight what makes your restaurant unique and why you think they would enjoy visiting. Be sure to also offer a complimentary meal or tasting menu so they can experience your food and hospitality firsthand.

Chapter 3: Build a rapport

When the critics visit your restaurant, make sure to go above and beyond to build a rapport with them. Be friendly and welcoming, and take the time to chat with them about their experience. Ask for their feedback and show that you value their opinion. This will help to establish a positive relationship and increase the chances of a positive review.

Chapter 4: Follow up

After the critics have visited your restaurant, be sure to follow up with them. Thank them for coming and ask if they have any feedback. If they wrote a positive review, be sure to share it on your restaurant's social media channels and website. If they wrote a negative review, take their feedback into consideration and make any necessary changes.

Chapter 5: Stay in touch

Finally, make sure to stay in touch with the critics. Keep them updated on any new menu items or special events at your restaurant. Invite them to any press events or media previews. By staying in touch, you'll keep your restaurant top of mind and increase the chances of future positive reviews.


Building relationships with industry restaurant critics is an important part of reputation management and business growth for any restaurant. By doing your research, inviting them to your restaurant, building a rapport, following up, and staying in touch, you can establish positive relationships with these influential figures and drive more business to your restaurant.

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